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Rui explains that when Natsuo was struggling with his writing, she took him to mountain climbing, and that ended up helping him. Hina says that she actually doesn’t want to ask someone else do it, and Rui herself wants to take him somewhere. Hina says to not worry as she was thinking to help Natsuo out in some way, so she plans to talk to her parents about it. 

Rui: “Thanks Hina.”

As promised, Natsuo is going on out a trip with his family, and they visit different kind of places. They will stay at an inn, and Hina thinks that this place must be expensive. 

Their mother is on the phone and after she hangs up, she explains that her company got into trouble with one of their products. She has to back to her company and deal with this issue. The father will go as well to help out. 

Mother: “I’m sorry but it can’t be helped. We will go home first, but you two can rest here!Come back tomorrow using the train!”

Hina: “Wait…wait…so this means that we will spend a night together at an inn? How am I supposed to explain this Rui…! Well, our rooms are different, so there isn’t much I should be worried about…”

They are having dinner, and Hina explains that it was Rui’s idea to take Natsuo out somewhere. 

Natsuo: “Sorry for making you all so worried…I realized that everyone was trying hard to cheer me up, and while it made me really happy, I also felt extremely bad about it…”

Hina says that she is the one who wants to apologize. After the incident, she was blaming herself, and thought that all his misery is because they ended up meeting, so she thought it may have been for the best for her not to come back anymore. Natsuo answers that all the good and bad moments he had with Hina helped him to grow up, so he never thought even once that they should have never met in the first place.

Hina is now drinking by herself, and is heading back to the inn.

Hina: “Maybe I drunk a bit too much…the master was really good making drinks and good at advising them to me…”

On the last chapter, Natsuo was talking with Rui on the phone, and as he plans to sleep, it seems that Hina got into his bed.

Natsuo: Hina? This isn’t your room…


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