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Natsuo calls his editor and asks how the news broke out like that. The editor apologizes and tells Natsuo that they were the ones who leaked that news. He says that they should asked him first, but he knew that Natsuo would never accept that so the chief editor kept it as a secret. They needed to do it to effectively market his book. Natsuo’s editor explains that he too didn’t want to do it, but in order to let as many people as possible know about Natsuo’s talents, they needed to do it. Natsuo hangs up the call.

Natsuo: “I…didn’t work hard till now to get gain attention in this way…!!”

The bar’s master invades the company, and gets upset at Natsuo’s editor. He says that they could take this court and sue them. Natsuo’s love for books is pure, and yet they took advantage of his misery.

Natsuo’s editor: “If I could…I also would’ve loved to sell him in a better way!!“

The bar’s master understands that the editor acted on orders from his superior.

Master: “Even if that was company order, Natsuo chan in reality is hurt…take care of him.”

Natsuo talks to Rui about the frustrating feelings he has. People on the internet have been criticizing his book saying that they were hoping it would reveal information about that incident and they regret purchasing it now etc.

Hina is also frustrated after trying to search for review on Natsuo’s book and she also saw similar comments Natsuo saw.

Seeing Hina react the same way he did, Natsuo seems to be a bit more at ease.

Natsuo’s editor looks in tears, and frustrated that if he had more power…But Natsuo’s teacher reading a review, thinks that the people that get it do get it, so the situation isn’t that bad. A positive review compliments Natsuo’s review, saying that he bought it to find more about the incident, but found himself dragged into Natsuo’s story.

Natsuo goes to school and they are excited and praise him for publishing his first book, “We know you put in a lot of effort to write a good book!“ Natsuo thanks and cries.

Serizawa also read Natsuo’s book and says, “After reading your book, I had feelings kinds…” Natsuo smiles and says that honest reviews like that makes him the happiest.

Rui and Hina are talking and Rui asks to take Natsuo somewhere, so he can switch off.


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