Domestic na Kanojo 202 Summary

Natsuo says that Hina is still trembling. He says that she may be acting like she’s fine, but in reality she is still scared.

Natsuo: You can tell anything to me. If you feel pain, then tell me anytime you want. I don’t know if I can be helpful, but I want to support you as much as I can!

Hina asks how if his scar got smaller. She explains that when he got stabbed she was afraid that Natsuo’s future would vanish and would never be able to talk again. She didn’t feel like she was alive before he woke up. She says it’s like a dream for her that Natsuo woke up and recovered so much that can write again. They go home and Hina comes out of the shower and says, “I decided to protect him, and yet it’s complete reverse…”

Serizawa and Kuzuoka are talking. Serizawa says the person she’s about to describe is someone Kuzuoka doesn’t know and he has a girlfriend. But Kuzuoka knows that the someone is Natsuo. Serizwa explains that person used to date with someone very close to his current girlfriend. She got really disappointed in him since hearing that. But Kuzuoka doesn’t see what the problem is. Kuzuoka says that the only reason why she feels like that is because of her own mental problems. There’s something that mentally bothers her, and she needs to find out what that problem exactly is. Judging someone based on her own metrics isn’t very nice either. Kuzuoka tells Serizawa that if she wants gain more experience then she will introduce her to some guys, but Serizawa declines. 

Natsuo is with his family and they are eating sushi. They ordered sushi to celebrate his first publication, but Natsuo says that his father is rushing things too much considering his book will be released next week. His mother says that it’s better to advertise it on social media, and asks Hina to help him out. And as Hina checks her phone, she sees a news popping up. 

“Breaking: The victim for of the stalker stabbing incident publishes his book.”

Natsuo: Wait…What the hell is this supposed to mean…!

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