Domestic na Kanojo 201 Summary

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Natsuo’s editor calls out the chief editor for making an evil face. But the chief editor says that’s how his face is. Natsuo’s editor says that it’s unlikely for Natsuo to accept this as the headline. The chief editor answers that he assumes the same, but he didn’t choose this headline to maximize the profit. He’s aware of how talented Natsuo is, but the talent would go to waste without enough people reading. Their job as editors is also to make sure that people become of the works. 

Natsuo is with his friends and says that he knows that Rui wouldn’t cheat on him, but he can’t help but feel irritated. As they speak, Hina appears and they end up drinking together. 

Hina and Natsuo are going home together. Natsuo apologizes to Hina for asking things about Tanabe. He knows how painful it must be to recall those events. He saw how Hina was trembling in the court room. But Hina says that she’s happy that she was able to help him out like that. 

They visit a shrine and Hina prays for Natsuo to be successful with his book, the health for her family, and if possible, she wishes be in a loving relationship with Natsuo again, but then she comes back to her senses and asks herself what she’s even thinking. Hina asks what Natsuo asked for, and he answers the same thing as Hina. She blushes and is surprised. Natsuo looks confused, so Hina acts like nothing happened and says he must have prayed for his book and for the well-being for his family. She hears something and gets scared and jumps into Natsuo. It turns out it’s just a cat and she apologizes to Natsuo for suddenly grabbing him. But Natsuo still holds her shoulders and stares at her. 


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