Domestic na Kanojo 200 Summary

Domestic na Kanojo 200 Summary was translated by BakaData

After Serizawa asks if his girlfriend is also his sibling, Natsuo looks surprised and asks where she learned that information. Serizawa says she directly heard that from Rui, and Natsuo is left speechless. Rui explained that the one who got attacked was her older sister, and the news reported that Natsuo protected his older sister, so Serizawa concluded that the 3 must be siblings. Natsuo is speechless, and thinks that Rui spoke way too much.

Natsuo explains that Rui and Hina became his sisters after their parents got married. Serizawa asks if their family knows about their relationship, and Natsuo answers that they are hiding it.

Natsuo: Could this be a secret only between us in the university…? Please…

Serizawa blushes after hearing that it’s a secret only between them and agrees to not say it to anybody.

Serizawa verifies that he has no relationship with his older sister, and Natsuo doesn’t say anything for a bit, and explains that he used to like her for a certain period. Serizawa says that’s filthy and runs away.

Scene changes to Rui. She’s working hard in a big restraint and finally arrives home. Apparently, a famous Youtuber introduced their restaurant, so it was busier than usual. One day she gets home and then a half naked man welcomes her. Apparently he’s Daniella’s boyfriend and were about to have their personal time, so Rui goes out to kill time. She runs into Kajita and explains what happened.

Rui is about to Skype Natsuo, but Daniela interrupts and introduces herself. As Kajita got invited by Daniela he’s also there, Natsuo is surprised that he’s there.

The chief editor praises Natsuo’s editor that Natsuo seems to have talent. Then the chief editor shows the advertisement created for Natsuo’s book. It’s titled as “The victim of the stalker stabbing incident writes this year’s most anticipated book. A person is…a sin is…”


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