Domestic na Kanojo 199 Summary

Domestic na Kanojo 199 Summary was translated by BakaData

Natsuo suddenly received a deadline for his book, so he’s relieved that he has finally finished it. He wants to call Rui to tell her that, but recalls that it’s 18pm over there so he decided to just a text message. One month has passed since Rui moved to the States. While she’s struggling with her English, she’s doing well. Natsuo is in a meeting with his editor, and he’s told that the chief editor can’t wait to publish his book. Natsuo is at his work now, but Hina hugs him from behind, congratulating for finishing his book. And while they are talking, Serizawa and Kusanagi appear. Serizawa asks what they were doing, and Hina explains that Natsuo has finished writing his book, and she got excited as a result. Natsuo is now drinking with the club members. They are looking at the pictures of the cultural festival, and they realize that Serizawa can’t be found anywhere. Apparently, she was hiding because she was embarrassed for the costume she had to wear. They are now praising Serizawa for her wonderful acting, and they announce that Serizawa got an offer from a professional acting group.

Serizawa: F…Fujii kun…! You’re already going home?

Natsuo: Yeah that’s my intention. What happened?

Serizawa: I was wondering if I could talk to you for a bit…

Serizawa says she wanted to talk about something for a while, and Natsuo says if it’s about the event when she came to his home, then she doesn’t need to worry about it. Serizawa says that’s not it.

Serizawa: The person who came to our university’s cafeteria is your older sister right?

Natsuo: That’s right…

Serizawa: Does that mean then…that your girlfriend is your sibling?


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