Domestic na Kanojo 196 Summary

Domestic na Kanojo 196 Summary was translated by BakaData
​Rui looks shocked seeing Serizawa, and she first asks if it’s a ghost.

Serizawa: “Ah…ah…it’s cold. It’s cold…where am I? I don’t know anything…That guy killed me and covered it up as a suicide…”

Natsuo grape what Serizawa is trying to do, so he acts like he can’t see Serizawa. Considering how old this building is, he says it’s no shocker that a ghost would appear.

Rui: “I too am shocked since I’ve never seen a ghost before. Did you really think I would say that?”

Natsuo says that when it comes to this, he carries zero responsibility. But Rui asks about his attempt to act like Serizawa was a ghost. Rui says that she knew that Natsuo didn’t do anything, but she is also incredible worried that even if Natsuo has zero intentions to cheat, he may get trapped like this again while she’s away.

Rui and Serizawa talk alone. Rui asks if Serizawa likes Natsuo, and she answers that’s not the case, but looking at her underwear and her bento box, it’s clear that she likes him. Rui shrugs it off saying that she has a tougher rival anyway.

Rui and Natsuo are by themselves now, and Rui says that she won’t allow him to get attracted by Serizawa.

Rui: “But as a punishment for making me worried, you will have to spoil as much as you can till I go there!”

Natsuo receives a call from Tsutaya and he says that he’s about to head there. He says that he isn’t a kid anymore, so he will be fine, thanks him for allowing him to do that. Natsuo went to meet Tanabe again.


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