Domestic na Kanojo 195 Summary

Domestic na Kanojo 195 Summary was translated by BakaData

As Rui says she wants to have a serious discussion, Natsuo is surprised and asks why she has such a serious face.

Rui: “If we talk, then I wanted to have a place where it’s only the both us.”

Serizawa: “What? A serious discussion out of nowhere?! Also, I’m so sorry, but I’m also here.”

But before their discussion, Rui is curious who the owner of the bag is. As it doesn’t belong to Natsuo, he assumes that it must belong to the neighbour.

Natsuo makes coffee for Rui. Serizawa hears their conversation and thinks it’s a sweet time only between them. She thinks that it’s the time she dreamt of having with Natsuo. She realizes that she’s on Natsuo’s bed, and she thinks, “Am I having ‘indirect SEX’ with Fujii kun…!!”

Natsuo: “And…what did you want to talk about?”

Rui: “While you were still hospitalized, dad asked me if I want to go to a foreign country to train my culinary skills.”

Natsuo is happy for her, but once he hears that it’s for a year, he becomes speechless.

Serizawa: “What? This is painful.”

Rui explains that if she goes to New York, then they won’t be able to meet for a while and can only Skype.

Natsuo: “But using that as a reason for you not going there shouldn’t be an option. The fact that you’re hesitating means that you’re considering it right? Then I don’t wanna be the reason for holding you back. If our roles were reversed, and I had to give up becoming an author for you then I wouldn’t be able to give up. I don’t think it’s good for us if we were to hold each other back like that.”

Rui says that she’s the one who doesn’t want to be separated from Natsuo. She says she can’t cook for him anymore and be there for him if he struggles. Natsuo smiles and says that knowing Rui is giving her best, it also motivates him to work harder.

Rui: “Thanks. I will test my potential there!”

As their discussion finishes, they get hungry so Rui goes to the convenience store to buy food. While drinking his coffee, he sits on his bed, so he sits on Serizawa. She screams and he splits his coffee on her. He gives her his clothes but also asks her to leave as his girlfriend is here. She says that was her intention and as she was about to leave, Rui comes back.

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