Attack on Titan and Sanrio Collab 06/12/19

I’ve decided to separate this post from the usual Aggregate Leader list due to feedback on posts being too long and serving different purposes.

Sanrio Collab (NA)

First, the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Collab has come to the Puzzle and Dragons NA server! After only a month since JP’s run as well. I’m sure the prized card of the REM, Zela Kitty, is still fresh in everyone’s mind, but here’s a refresher for everyone still wandering if they should roll/blow their stones:

My writeup for JP’s run, on May 12, 2019
Dacho’s whale Zela Kitty team for Alt Arena 2

NA has had the Shaman King Collab just a few weeks prior, and has gotten a solid Wood lead Asakura Yoh, which currently ranks at Tier 2 on the PAD Aggregate Leader List.

If you haven’t jumped on the Wood and Zela meta, you basically get another chance to, with Zela Kitty in the Sanrio Collab, now ranked at Tier 1.

That being said, the actual REM itself is actually quite lacklustre. Zela Kitty is obviously great, but the 6* and the 5* rolls have very little use. Gudetama at 5* is not bad, but can be bought as a bundle in the shop.

Verdict: ~5 rolls MAX if you want for collection. Gudetama should be bought in the bundle. Zela Kitty should be traded, and not rolled.

As for if you should be chasing Zela Kitty in the first place, my advice is only consider it if you have enough 6* GFE dupes and have at least one normal Zela to use as a sub. Otherwise, I’d advise against trading. If you’re desperate, ask for help here or on Reddit/Facebook!

Attack on Titan Collab (JP)

Attack on Titan Collab has finally returned to the JP server! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last AoT collab was more than 2 years ago? A lot has changed since then, in terms of the meta and the REM rarity structure. Namely, the adoption of the 7* rarity tier of the REM. Historically we’ve only seen this from 10-stone REMs such as Heroine, DBDC, and Monster Hunter. But in the past month, Sanrio Collab (5 stones) has adopted this with Zela Kitty, and now Attack on Titan.

The prize card that they have decided to be promoted to 7* diamond, is Eren Jaeger. Here I’ll only be going over the stronger of the two Ult Evos that has:

I won’t be listing the buffs for any of the characters of AoT, mainly because the old unbuffed cards are laughably weak. Anyway, Eren’s Titan form got a huge buff and is pretty strong for an “unconditional” lead:

Leader Skill: 16x ATK when above 80% HP, 10x ATK when below. After erasing drops, heal equal to 20x of this card’s RCV.

Active Skill: Heal 40% HP, reduce bind AND Awoken bind by 4 turns. Haste 1 turn to others.

This Eren may not be Alt Arena worthy, but his constant ATK multiplier can be used in fire row farming teams. But most importantly, many people have pointed out that he may replace Zeus Verse as the 1-combo Ranking Dungeon lead. Remember those ranking dungeons with 13 floors and multiple preempts to knock Zeus Verse below full HP? Say no more with this new Eren!

The other Eren Ult Evo’s leader skill sounds great on paper, but actually there aren’t very many viable fire Physical or Machine cards to fit on his team, unfortunately.

6* Rolls

Levi is now a 4/196/4 lead, but he requires Attacker or Machine Typing, which prevents him from accessing many of the common meta subs. (also the multiplier listed on PADX is incorrect; his max ATK from matching all colors is 7x, and not 8.5x).

However, his Assist Evo is straight up insane in comparison. 1 of each hazard (poison, jammer, darkness) resist, 1 Time extend, AND his active becomes full bind + Awoken bind recovery. Possibly a better chase card than Eren, even.

Both Annie and Reiner comes out at 6% each as a diamond roll. Needless to say, very good machine killers. Can be used as damage sticks in farming for 4x EXP Machine descends for easy rank ups. Their Assist Evo versions aren’t bad, but too low cool down for what they offer.

Mikasa suffers from the same problem: her requirement of Attacker or Machine typing makes it awkward to build a team with her. Probably better in her Assist Evo, with 3 darkness resists and a L-unlock, and a long 15 turn CD.

Ymir’s Titan form can possibly be used in a Mega Awoken Skuld team. The Leader skills aren’t bad, but both are squishy when compared to Skuld.

Overall not a bad pool of cards, especially considering they all have some use and have Assist Evo forms. Also only 5 stones per roll. Diamond rates are at 22.5%. I’d say you can definitely spare a few rolls here to test your luck, if you haven’t already.

5* Rolls

Only one worth mentioning, is the new addition Kenny. He comes out at only 3% despite being a Gold roll, and he comes with an orb skin.

As JP players have pointed out, his 2 Attacker killers and 3 80%+ boost makes him unrivalled in Ranking Dungeons with tanky monsters with Attacker typing. Can also be a damage stick in farming teams.

Conclusion: Including Kenny, the chance for “good” cards comes to 24.5%. I definitely recommend the ranking dungeon enthusiasts to roll in Attack on Titan. The other diamonds are decent, and can fill farming or Assist Evo roles at worst. The gold rolls other than Kenny are all pretty bad however.

I think it’s worth rolling until 1 or 2 diamonds. 6* guaranteed bundle or the Kenny bundle is possibly worth buying also. A nice change of pace to the bad value collabs we’ve been having lately in JP.

Above is my opinion only, and you should only be using these as guidelines and think for yourself on your box in your Puzzle and Dragons adventure. Thanks for reading!

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