Domestic na Kanojo 255 Summary

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The chapter begins with Natsuo and Tougen heading to the mountain and the taxi driver confirms if they really want to head there considering it’s already dark. Natsuo explains that they’re prepared and the doctors were against it too, but it’s a strong wish from Tougen. 

Natsuo talks about how he felt when he met Tougen for the first time. He heard that Tougen had fired many of his students before and was scared of him, but after getting to know him, he realized that wasn’t the case.

Tougen says the reason why he hired Natsuo was because he listened to all of his orders, and he felt something similar from him. Both have lost their relative and carry that burden. “The reason why I didn’t fire you was because you didn’t quit.”

They reach the summit and drink Sake together.

Tougen: “The reason why I wanted you to show you the sunset is because I wanted you to feel that no matter what, there’s always a bright future…it’s my way of thanking you. Although my life is full of regrets, since I’ve met you, it’s been fun. Thank you…”

Tougen passes away.

In his dream, he reunites with his son, and this time, invites him to play together.

During the funeral, Natsuo receives the salary for the duration he took care of Tougen, and an unfinished script.

Natsuo in the last page: “I will be the one continuing this. I will finish his novel.”



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