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Natsuo and Tougen use a taxi to go to the mountain. They go climbing at midnight. Tougen used to be in the mountaineering club. Although Tougen is strict to his students, the reason why he accepted Natsuo as his student is because both of them were carrying the burden of having lost their relative. 

As they can’t climb with a wheelchair, Natsuo carries Tougen. Their goal is to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain. Natsuo has brought sake and they drink it together. Tougen wanted to let Natsuo know that he has a bright future ahead of him. Tougen meets his son in his dream and says, “let’s play together” and hugs him.

During the funeral: 

Tougen has left a will and most of his wealth is donated and the rest goes to his daugther. For Natsuo, he gets the salary while he was taking care of Tougen, and also an unfinished script. 

Natsuo: “I will continue writing it. I will be the one to finish it.”

“In order for him to move forward, he inherits the will.”


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