Domestic na Kanojo 253 Summary

Rui and Natsuo wake up naked, and she wears the necklace and says it makes her blush, Natsuo answers, “Because you’re butt naked?”

Rui: “Shut up.“

Natsuo is about to get back to Japan and tells Rui that he will get the necklace fixed. Rui tells Natsuo that she wants him to wait about the proposal as she wants to be the one proposing to him in Japan. Natsuo is OK with that and says he’s looking forward to it.

Hina is on the beach by herself and tries to throw away the ring necklace but she can’t do it. “Why…Why can’t I just throw it away…”

After work, she gets a LINE message from Natsuo, saying that he just got back and wants to give her something. Hina tightly grabs her phone.

Once they meet, Natsuo gives gifts he bought in the US. He tells her about Rui’s taste disorder struggles, but she’s recovering now. After hearing that, Hina is shocked and regrets that she didn’t talk to her more. Natsuo comforts her that the bullying got worse once she came back to Japan.

“I have something to tell you. We’re a family…and a lot happened between us. I thought it wouldn’t be right to not tell you about it. I…”

At that moment he gets a call from Tsutaya, and he’s shocked to hear the news. They had to hospital. Tsutaya told him about the condition Tougen is in, and explains that he was told to keep it a secret from Natsuo.

Once natsuo gets to the hospital, a very sick Tougen is lying on the bed. 

“Tougen sense’s body is…”

Tougen: “Looks like you found out…”



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