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Rui asks how long Natsuo will stay here and he answers that he doesn’t have much to do in college so he can stay for one more week. He says he will privatize being with her and she blushes. Al has to go home due to his work before Natsuo, but before going home, he will meet his ex girlfriend Lilly. Al wants Natsuo to come with him, but he doesn’t have enough money, so Rui pays for Natsuo to return the favours. The 3 go to see Lilly. 

Al gets nervous, and Natsuo pushes him to act. He’s ready to get scolded by Lilly, but she apologizes to him, saying that it was a misunderstanding. After their misunderstanding is cleared up, they make up and kiss.

Rui praises Natsuo for acting the way he did, and Natsuo makes Yaki Udon for Rui, saying that even if she doesn’t know the taste, she can enjoy the texture.

The moment she eats it; she cries. Her sense of taste returned. Natsuo then proposes to Rui, saying that they should get married once he finds a job, and that they can overcome anything as long as they’re together.

Rui answers yes.

In Japan, Hina is drinking alone.



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