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Rui says that now she finally understand how Natsuo must feel with his struggle as a novelist. Natsuo tells her that her job now is to rest and switch off. After hearing those words, Rui feels that those are the words that she should have told Natsuo.

Next day, when Rui wakes up, Natsuo isn’t there. Together with Al, he has visited Rui’s workplace. Both are impressed by the food and realize how amazing the place is where Rui is training. Natsuo then asks the waiter to call the chef. 

Natsuo talks to Derek and tells him how amazing the food was. He then switches the topic to Rui. Natsuo explains that Rui is struggling with her health due to the stress she was put through in the restaurant. Derek is shocked to hear that. Natsuo tells him about everything Rui suffered from. Natsuo asks why Rui had to suffer so much that she gets a taste disorder.

Derek wasn’t aware that Rui had a taste disorder and is shocked. At that moment Rui appears in the restaurant. She assumed that Natsuo came to this place. Derek asks if she really has a taste disorder. Rui looks sorry and confirms the fact. Natsuo tells her not to look sorry as it isn’t her fault. He adds that if Rui wants to comeback to this world then she shouldn’t cry and give up but talk. Rui finally confesses everything that happened to her to Derek. 

Derek presses the complaints he has heard, but he pretend to be innocent and asks who told him all that. He assumes that it’s Rui and says that she just shifted the blame to him. Daniella seeing all that gets angry and asks if he even knows how Rui feels.

Ben answers that Daniella is defending Rui because they’re roommates. But then more and more people confess the things they’ve seen, and admit that they din’t have the courage to speak up. 

The chief chef calls up Ben and his friends. He tells them that in this age they have to accept the difference characters everyone has, and Ben is happy to hear that as he believes he will get a pass.

But then the chief chef continues and says that’s the case from a neutral perspective, but in his kitchen, he doesn’t need that, and fires them.

Ben and his friends are drunk and plot their revenge on Rui, but then he bumps into a tall guy, but Ben being drunk, confronts him aggressively. His friends run away from the scene, and Ben gets pulled by that big guy into a dark area.

Later, Rui receives an apology message from the pasta chef. Rui was nervous with what Natsuo did, but she expresses her gratitude for standing up for her.



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