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Kajita explains to Natsuo what Rui is going through at the moment. He answers that he will go and Kajita says that would be the best. 

If Natsuo wants go now, then Kajita will take him to the airport. But Natsuo goes back to his home first. And as he gets ready and is about to leave, Hina appears. She asks him where he’s going. Natsuo thinks about Hina, but tells her that he will go see Rui. 

Hina senses something from his words, but doesn’t stop him from going and tells him to be careful.

On their way to the airport, Kajita talks about how he wasn’t able to replace Natsuo. Rui was always believing in their destiny. Kajita knew that Natsuo is an irreplaceable person for Rui, so he was relieved to hear that Natsuo chose to go. 

Natsuo pays for the plane ticket and asked Al to come with him as a translator.

They call Rui but she won’t pick up the phone so they go see without telling her. Al asks Natsuo if he has made up his mind, and Natsuo answers that it’s clear.

Rui is going to a Psychiatry.  She is reflecting the day where she broke up with Natsuo. She regrets that day and says what she should have done was to embrace him and not break up with him. When she was struggling, natsuo helped her, but she thought that breaking up with him would be the best choice. No matter how much she regrets her choice, she feels it’s too late. 

But she then finds Natsuo.

Rui is suspicious if it’s the real Natsuo at first. Natsuo explains that he was told by Kajita about what happened. Rui asks why he would go that far when she did something awful to him.

They go back to her room and Daniella welcomes him. They both thank each other. She then leaves so Rui and Natsuo can be alone.

Rui takes out necklace and says that she has to apologize. Natsuo tells her that there is no need to apologize and that they can get it repaired. 

Natsuo then tells Rui that she still loves her.



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