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Rui cried all night and her eyes are swollen next morning. Daniella says that she will talk to the chief chef too and calls it a power harassment. “Just so you know, this doesn’t mean that you lost to them. Why are you here again, Rui? It’s because you wanted to learn new skills, right? Don’t make someone like him waste your time.”

Rui agrees and they will have breakfast now. Once Daniella starts to eat, she realizes that it’s super salty. However, Rui didn’t realize how salty it is. 

Rui: “I don’t taste anything…”

Couple days later, the chief chef talk to Rui’s new manager Terry, and asks if Rui’s not here today again. Apparently she isn’t feeling too well. The chief chef is suspicious if Terry is being tough on her as well, but he answers that he’s treating her well.

Terry realized early on that Rui learns quickly so he went on to teach her how to make the sauce, but she would come up with inconsistent tastes.

Rui went to see a doctor and turns out that she has taste disorder. The doctor advised her to quit her job, and Daniella gets angry, and calls the doctor incompetent. 

Rui says that with practice she may be able to still contribute in the kitchen, but with a tasting disorder, she won’t be able to come with new dishes. Daniella hugs her and tells her not to be too negative. 

Later that night, Daniella advises Rui to go back to Japan for a bit and meet Natsuo. Rui says she can’t do it, and that when Natsuo was struggling, she couldn’t be beside him.

Rui: “You struggled too, right? How worried must you have been? How did you go through your day? I’m sorry. I could’ve understood how you feel. I’m sorry…”

Next morning, Daniella calls someone.

Meanwhile Natsuo is still unsure what he should do. Kajita appears in front of him with his bike. He explains what’s happened to Rui. Natsuo recalls what he has heard from Hina.

Kajita: “Do you want to go to Tachibana? If you won’t go, then I will.”

Natsuo: “Thanks for letting me know. I will go.“

Editor’s note: “He chooses Rui.”


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