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After, Natsuo calls Hina directly by her name, and not as sister, she answers, “It feels nostalgic to be called like that…”

Natsuo isn’t sure why he asked her that. He doesn’t even know what Shuu said is true or not. Nor has he himself found an answer. “Will I just accept it when she says she loves me? If I’m called just her brother, will it become awkward? No, neither are true…”

Hina: “Natsuo kun, what do you want to hear? Should I guess it?”

Natsuo stops her and explains that he wasn’t even ready to hear an answer. Hina tells him that he must be getting nervous because the day of his stage performance is coming close.

“What answer did I desire to hear from her?”

After the stage performance finished, the former members of the acting club came to say hi. They say they were impressed by natsuo’s acting.

People from the publishing company also came to watch Natsuo. 

Natsuo asks if Tougen is here today or not. He gets told that they haven’t seen him today, “was he supposed to come?”

Natsuo: “He hasn’t called me for a while. Even when I wanted to hand him the ticket, he wasn’t at home.”

Natsuo goes drinking with his friends. As they ask if Rui is doing well, he tells them that they broke up.

The girls are surprised but Al isn’t, so Momo asks him why, “Well, I already knew it…When I went there for work, Rui chan told me.”

Al has missed the last train, so Natsuo invites him to come over. They discuss Al was in the US, “Hey, you said…that you already recovered from the break up, right?Does it mean that Rui chan has become an insignificant person to you? Sorry, I worded it badly, I meant to ask if she’s a person from the past for you now?”

Natsuo says if that were the case, it would be easier for him.

Al says he’s relived to hear as he liked them as a couple. He tells Natsuo that Rui was still wearing the necklace he got from him.

As Al falls asleep, Natsuo leaves the room and calls Rui.


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