Domestic na Kanojo 245 Summary

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Rui smiles and says that Hina wasn’t able to give up after all. She calls her too diligent for actually coming to the US to deliver that message. She knows how Hina feels. Even though you try to give up, your emotions won’t listen to you.

Rui says that she knew how Hina felt and thanks her for telling it to her. This doesn’t mean that Rui will back off, “No grudges, regardless of who will end up dating Natsuo, OK?”

Hina; “Of course!”

They then discuss what exactly they like about Natsuo. The face he makes when he’s happy, and the fact that he seriously thinks about your well-being. 

Hina: “I know that. He’s always trying his best for you, right?” Hina then says the thing that she likes about Natsuo and that also resonates with Rui.

Hina returns to Japan after an emotional farewell with Rui.

Natsuo receives a message from Hina after practice, inviting him to dinner.

Hina talks about Rui and says that she has got her struggles but is giving her best. Natsuo is worried about what kind of struggles she has. 

Hina: “Are you worried about her?”

Natsuo: “Well…of course I will be worried when a family member is working hard overseas.”

Hina explains that Rui was happy when she got the responsible to work on the pasta, but then her manager turned out to be awful.

Rui also said that she wants to see Natsuo on the stage. As Natsuo is drinking, Hina touches his face and says that he has really become an adult now.

At the end, Natsuo asks, “Hey, Hina, what do you actually think about me…?”

Editor’s note: “Not to his sister, but to his first love. He doesn’t need a generous lie anymore.”

*note that Natsuo has been calling Hina, as Sister Hina, and not Hina.


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