Domestic na Kanojo 244 Summary

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Chapter starts with Ben criticizing Rui for getting the number of ingredients wrong, she answers she was told to bring two, but Ben says, “I said three! You can’t even understand numbers?”

Rui clearly looks unhappy with the treatment and then the waiter tells her that someone who knows her is a guest today. Rui finds Hina on a table. They talk for a bit and Rui invites Hina to her place after work. Once she returns to the kitchen, Ben continues the slander. 

Meanwhile in Japan, Natsuo is talking to Fumiya. He’s still confused about the things Shuu told him.

He moved on from her thinking that Hina isn’t interested in him anymore, and he still holds feelings towards Rui, so he can’t get his head around after finding out that Hina still loves him. Fumiya tells him to make a decision without getting influenced by others.

Rui talks about Ben and the way he treats her. Hina answers that there’s always that kind of person in any workplace. She remembers someone like that when was a teacher.

As they walk in the park, Hina asks why Rui broke up with Natsuo.

Rui: “The one I hated wasn’t Natsuo but myself. I was too much of a child. I used my status as his girlfriend to push my feelings against him. Which brought sufferings to both of us and thought that it needed to stop. If both of us want to stay together, then I needed to change.”

Hina thanks her for opening up and is glad that she came here. She apologizes for not being able to keep the promise, “I can’t stay as his older sister. I love Natsuo kun.”


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