Domestic na Kanojo 243 Summary

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Small flashback: 

Shuu first asks how Hina is doing and the master is creeped out. Shuu clarifies that he’s dragging his feelings from the past and it’s just a simple question. Shuu then says that he has a request.

Shuu explains to Natsuo that Hina has always continued loving him even after breaking up. Natsuo says that he was told by Hina that she has no intention of getting back with him. Shuu says that she did it so she wouldn’t place any guilt on Natsuo. “She lied for you.”

Shuu: “Do you remember when I told you that she was trying to forget about you? I thought that when you give up on Hina chan then she would be released from her sense of guilt and feel better. But I was wrong. But it has to be you, Natsuo kun. The one to make her happy!”

Shuu at the end says that he wants Natsuo to make a decision and carefully think about Hina.

Hina returns home and her mother asks why she suddenly came back and asks if they got into a fight. Hina dismisses that. She then gets invited to go to a hot spring together, but Hina answers, “Hot springs sound nice but…mom…I…”

Meanwhile in the US, Rui will be responsible for the pasta from now on. Rui is super happy and goes to Daniella to talk about that. Daniella is surprised and says that’s a quick promotion. 

The chef says that once she works in the past workplace she has to work under a more experienced person first. That person turns out to be Ben; the guy that got into a fight with Kajita.

Meanwhile, Hina has arrived to the US.


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