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While eating breakfast, Natsuo is looking at the pictures he took at the summer festival. Hina reminds Natsuo that he’s to go to his club and tells him to get ready. After he leaves, Hina is cleaning up and takes out the ring from a small bag.

[In New York]

Daniela tells Rui that things looked good between her and Kajita. She understands that Rui can’t forget her ex boyfriend in Japan, but it’s natural to be attracted to someone reliable and close to her.

Rui: “That may be true, but Kajita is more like a rival to me.”

She then says that if she were still dating Natsuo, then he would probably be mad and say that she doesn’t need to collaborate with him, like she once got mad at him.

Daniela says that Rui learned a lesson.

Rui & Hina both reaffirm their feelings that they still love Natsuo even after breaking up.

[Natsuo and Hina]

Hina tells Natsuo that she will return home and that after living together for a while she feels that he will be alright. Natsuo says that they should drink tonight then. Natsuo gets a call from Togen and is asked to come in the morning to help out. Hina wants to greet him so they go together the next morning.

Togen initially thinks that Hina is his girlfriend but she says she’s his older sister.

Natsuo first goes to clean the entrance and the two are left alone. Hina asks Togen if Natsuo will be able to write again. He answers that if he knew then he would be psychic. “Do you want to make him write again?”

Hina: “No…it’s not like I want him to write again. I just want him to live a way that he wants.”

Hina then talks about how she has his manuscript and how he’s currently an actor in his club.

Togen: “If he’s able to come back being a novelist, and finds out that someone like you was waiting for him, he would probably be happy.”

Togen tries to make tea for her, but he falls down but says that nothing is wrong.

[At the Bar]

Natsuo gets called up by the master and says that it’s quite rare that he would call him up like this. Shuu is there as well and says that it was him who asked Master to ask Natsuo to come here.


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